The DynaMount X1-R is the most robust DynaMount model, offering two axis of movement as well as rotation capabilities. These multiple degrees of freedom make it the top choice among professional engineers and producers around the world.

With a construction composed largely of high quality anodized aluminum it is both strong and light. It attaches to the microphone stands you already own and works with nearly every typical microphone used in studio and live applications.

 It is the perfect tool for microphone placement and phase alignment on guitar and bass cabs, acoustic guitar, overheads, piano, and any acoustic instrument. With the X1-R you are guaranteed to find the sweet spot.

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  • Two axis of movement plus rotation
  • Controllable via Wi-Fi from any device with free Chrome, iOS, and Android apps
  • Also controllable via USB from laptop and desktop computers
  • Save multiple microphone positions as recallable presets for easy and precise A/B’ing
  • Works with most microphones and microphone stands

World’s first Robotic Microphone mount products will be available very soon in India For this innovative productMedia Link Concepts recently signed agreement with “Dynamount” to distribution and support for India.



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